The recently opened Clydeside Distillery is a whisky distillery and tourist attract on the River Clyde, near the SECC and Glasgow Science Centre. The distillery is based at the old Queen’s Docks, and the building itself was an old pump house.


This debut single malt “Pointhouse” features a repeating pattern based on a motif found on the clock of one of the older buildings. The name Pointhouse was chosen as it is the name of the road the distillery runs alongside. The clock motif also represents the passing of time both in the time takes to make and mature the whisky, and the techniques passed down through generations. The mix of geometric elements and classy copper foiling and burgundy make the packaging accessible to both new old and whisky drinkers.


In addition to packaging, the launch of the whisky was to be supported by an advertising campaign. The bottle being smashed against the side of the page is similar to that of boat launches, where bottles of champagne are usually used. Replacing the champagne with whisky combined with the tagline of “Smash Tradition” signifies the launch and something new and different to the consumer, while the image is exciting, engaging, and hard to miss.