Branding Identity




We had to design brand indentity for a new gallery in the former subterranean

Botanic Gardens Station in Glasgow.


Many people are put off going into a gallery as they are intimidated by a lack of knowledge of art,

they don’t want to feel uncomfortable. This gallery will be different - it will not only be an art gallery,

it will be a multi function space with a café/bar, studio space and a live music venue.


The target market for the new gallery; 18-50 year olds.


The client has approached us looking for both a name and corporate identity for this new venue.

The identity should work when applied throughout the new gallery and beyond - on everything from

signage to advertising.




The idea behind 'atypical' was to make it 'one of a kind' which influenced my design process, looking

at what would make it seem irregular and not just an art gallery.

Therefore for example; the exhibitions could be in the back room, not the focal point of the space.

I took this idea and applied it across the whole brand of atypical.








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