Develop an appropriate tone of voice and visual language that is in keeping with the spirit and theme

of Iasg, Museum of Fishing. Through careful consideration of the core values and ethos of the museum, design

and build the brand identity guidelines.


The brand guidelines have to show consideration for both printed and digital applications of the Iasg brand.


Start building the Iasg identity by explaining your brand concept through words and visuals. Explore and develop

a library of elements that inform your visual language. This library is the foundation; a starting point for the future

build of the brand. This is a way of ensuring consistency across the brand and the basis from which we can consolidate,

develop and show how the look and feel can be used effectively through many communication channels, digital

environments and applications. You should explore these in your guidelines.


SOLUTION - 'Networking in Fishing'


The idea behind it was to highlight everything behind fishing; the people, the process etc and how they all

play an equal part together. I based the slogan and message of the brand from this;


‘Weaving People Together’


First hand research was the most helpful part to gain my concept by visiting Anstruther, Fife which bases it’s

whole heritage around fishing and learning about the people behind it.




Iasg Museum of Fishing

Brand Guidelines

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