Rivet, Clydeside Distillery

Branding Identity




The client; “The Clydeside Distillery” has asked that I devise a name for the distillery’s debut whisky. I will then develop this into a label and packaging concept for this distinctive new single malt that will launch the Clydeside Distillery.


The Clydeside Distillery is Scotland’s newest whisky venture. Clydeside Distillery will establish its home in The Pumphouse, on the Clyde, in the heart of Glasgow. As well as introducing a new brand of single malt to the market, the Clydeside Distillery will attract locals and tourists to visit, discover and experience the skill and craft that is harnessed in one of Scotland’s most luxurious and sought after products.




In this project, I felt I represented what was asked in the brief. The concept behind “Rivet” Single Malt Whisky was a traditional styled design. However, I didn’t base my design around the cliché designs of Whisky. I wanted my design to represent a new approach to Whisky labels and packaging as a whole. I took inspiration from Glasgow, the location of Industrial shipbuilding on the River Clyde as it gave me lots to research and develop ideas by looking at the history of shipbuilding; during


Therefore, my design linked with Glasgow as the brief asked, I chose to keep my design clean and minimal giving it a polished but has texture in it. I feel they appeal more rather than cluttered designs which have been overworked. I only used two typefaces in my design; Bitter which is a Slab typeface which gives the impression of rough, industrial style which helps finish the design. I also used Nexa Bold which is a Sans Serif font, that brings contrast to the design as I used this for the information on my box and back label, it gives my design a more modern and sleek feel rather than a basic traditional label and packaging. World War 1 & 2, 70,000 workers employed during that time showing how big a significant impact it had on people in Glasgow.







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