Mayfesto. Brochure made for the Tron Theatre for their annual Mayfesto festival. This year’s topic was based around colonisation and all the events tied in with that theme. My concept was based around the idea of how an individual can lose their identity when a foreign invader colonises that population Opinion? Zine. This Zine is based on the Glasgow’s city centre street art. 'Opinion?' aims to explore the raw opinion of the public views on street art and if they think it has a positive or negative impact on the city. IASG: Museum of Fishing. Brand guidelines to the Scottish fishing Museum. identity came from the fishing boats and how local fisherman used to constantly re-coat their fishing boats. This ties in with the museum and how they want to preserve the history the of fishing in Scotland. Info-graphic CV. CV with my personal identity. CV has a printed pattern on the back and rolls up and stuck down with logo. Shapes taken from my hand writing and imply that i am adaptable to any task at hand. Experimental Type panels & poster. Experimental panels of the creative quote "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep."Panels and Poster explore and explain the quote visually through the type.