the brief.


proof is a company that has a new idea how to sell protein bars online. focussing on selling direct to their customers. delivering protein bars to their home (or office) every morning. of course bars can also be bought ad hoc in a variety of sizes. proof has a difference than any other product in the market as they are made from mash (by product of making whisky) which in turn makes this a unique combinations of flavours never seen anywhere else. they pride themselves on only using single malt mash. this is to make sure that each bar is supreme quality. because of this the ingredients that are used will change due to the different types of whisky used.


cost: 1 bar a day = £40/ month; 2 bars = £60/ month. ad hoc = £2.99 each. target audience: men and women, age 35-50, relatively affluent.


please produce a design presentation, including at least: new proof logo, visual identity and copywriting style an integrated campaign idea. most importantly; how would you make it into a success; something someone would be delighted to be seen with.