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Moving from Bulgaria to the UK was the biggest and best decision I have ever made in my life. It gave me the opportunity to chase my dreams and do what I love. My passion and speciality is Graphic Design but I enjoy art, typography, photography and illustration too. I adore anything visually pleasant for the eye that also has an idea and reason behind it and not just because it is “trendy”.

On a different note, I love food and cooking, “old” music, a good book, beautiful landscapes and last but not least - coffee.

Except college projects, I have attended few years in Graphic Design Festival Scotland which gave me a lot of experience and opened my mind to different views. I also like in my spare time to do some drawing and participate in competitions whenever I can.

On the other hand, my first job also taught me a lot and it is only fair to mention it, even though is not relevant to my field. And that is KFC - so from serving customers I went on to leading a shift.