Louise McWilliams Work Info
Creative Process PRINTMAKING
The creative process project was quite had 3 projects in the one and this was the first part of the brief to create 20 rectangle panels with a chosen typographic quote.
Each of the panels have to include the letters of words of the quote and using mixed media of any kind create interesting interpretations.
These are some of the ideas i came up with on how to make the typography pop amongst making some really creative pieces of art. The first example on the left is the quote repeated with a stencil in different colours of pen, and the layer on top has been manipulated on Photoshop and scanned in and distorted a few times and layered on top of the stencilled work. The second example is made from using masking tape and painting the tape and drawing the letters on top then splitting the tape into different sections to create something that is mixed up. The third example is cutting up the printed quote getting two sheets of acetate and squashing paint in-between them both.