Michael Mackay

18-year-old Graphic Design student at

City of Glasgow College.

First introduced to Graphic Design 6 years ago through internet communities I quickly saw myself become enveloped with the subject and never looked back. Since then I have actively set out towards the goal of working as a Graphic Designer through both self-teaching and traditional education. I have a keen eye for design and a self-motivation to get better. Outside of education, I have worked as a freelancer in the esports industry and currently, work with an agency called Level99 where I have created work in a multitude of areas from social media graphics to video work to merchandise.


Work Experience

Ardrossan Academy

(2011 - 2015)

Graphic Designer, Level 99

(2011 - 2015)

7 National 5 qualifications in English, Maths, Graphic Communication, Art & Design, History and Physics including 2 A’s.

City of Glasgow College

(20115- 2018)

NC Graphic Arts Portfolio

HND Graphic Design

Helping to create multimedia assets for clients in the esports industry while working within a team of both designers and non designers.


Assets include: Graphics for Web, Video, Motion Design, Web Design, Merchandising, Packaging and more.


Clients include: Red bull, Hyperx, Lagardère Group, Sterling VC (New York Mets), Ginx TV, ESL, Micron, H2K.


Working at Level 99 has allowed me to develop my skills in an agency environment working with project managers and extremely tight deadlines allowing me to understand working under stress and the large work loads needed. It has also allowed me to be very adaptable due to having to learn many different fields while under deadline. One example would be learning After Effects from nothing within a couple of days to help out with video and motion projects which has allowed me to push the level of work that L99 can offer their clients.

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