Iasg Museum of Fishing

Brand Identity


Hypothetical Project - City of Glasgow College Brief





To create a full brand identity and strategy package for Iasg, a new contemporary fishing museum which will be situated on the Glasgow Clyde riverside set to open in 2018. The museum although based in Glasgow will cover all Scottish-related fishing endeavours. Exploring the industrial, commercial and leisure sides of fishing. The building will be specifically designed to be contemporary, elegant and modernistic in aesthetic so that it can stand next to the new Riverside Museum and not be overshadowed by it. To round off you are tasked to create a brand guidelines booklet which will go over all aspects of the Iasg brand.




Iasg’s brand stands for protection. It is a sense of community, a place for people to feel welcome and included. Protecting the history of fishing in Scotland and the fishing communities still found throughout the country through active outreach and community inclusion.

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