Graphic Design

Graphic Design

A collection of varies of work from the past two years of my journey through this course. Added some pieces of work from my NC Course as well.


For this project i had to create a logo design for a fishing museum and create a Branding Guidelines for our own brand. We also had to create three pieces of merchandise for our brand.


My main concept for this idea was to go with a very simple but bright enough logo, inspired by the equipment used within fishing.


The merchandise: Bag,  Jumper and T-shirt design.

3 Movie Posters

This project was a massive challenge for me, due to the main aspect of using typography.

We had to create three movie movie posters all inspired by one director of our choice.


Film Director: Ridley Scott

Movie Posters: Alien, Prometheus and The Martian.


The merchandise: 3 Ticket Design's and a bag.