Most recently I have done the symposium brief where we had to design a zine for an upcoming symposium in the college. Research was done on existing zines, possible binding and folding methods. The design I came up with was square in shape with a simple fold and staple binding. The theme and concept throughout is based on the quote “Great design is a multi-layered relationship between human life and its environment.” So, to carry this theme throughout I photographed all around the college and pieces of work and incorporated them together to create the blend between environment and human. Lots of image reflection was used to add a more dynamic and designed effect. Primarily kept to black and white with the bold neon pink colour to brighten it up. The pages shown are the cover pages which had been kept minimal and simple, the double quote page where is repeated and reflected to create a pattern and not just be a plain piece of type, and then the schedule page where structured type and grid are overlapping an image.