Soup And Sandwich

Packaging (Graded Unit)

For my Graded Unit brief I was asked to design and physically create a visual identity for a newly opened Soup and Sandwich shop which could be found in one of the old Police Phone Boxes in Glasgow City Centre. The items i had to create included; a card sandwich sleeve, soup cup, serviette, a logo, an overall holder for transport and environmental graphics applied to the police box.


The ethos proposed was "Smart eating for busy people" promoting healthy, organic, fresh and high quality aimed at business people and students in and around the city centre. Minimal waste and fit for use was other factors that had to be considered.


My concept focussed on the relief and relaxation factor of break/ lunch time during a busy day, giving a smooth and easy eating experience with the packaging being minimal, fluid and clean creating a stress free and happy half an hour vacation for the busy people. 


Variant Graphics