Mayfesto Theatre Brochure

For this brief  i was asked to create a  brochure for The Tron Theatre Company based in Merchant City, Glasgow celebration of Mayfesto 2017 which is a celebration of the spoken word, delving into global and political and global issues from the past and the present day through edgy theatre performances, readings and debates. The promotional literature i was to design fell largely under the theme of colonisation  whilst also trying to be contemporary and trendy.


The material in the brochure had to show case all of the activities and events that where happening with all art work to be either hand generated or digitally manipulated beyond belief, Also a poster had to be created and mocked up for marketing use.

The target market is predominantly aimed at a younger audience whost eyes may open about about when they visit the exciting and highly social events that Mayfesto 2017 has to offer.


My concept delved into the idea of discovery and new found space, deriving from the way the world was uncovered and broadened by colonisers throughout the centuries.I took these guidelines quite literally making use of white space and silhouettes to get this across, they are key stylistic elements consistent throughout the brochure with imagery reflecting the individual theatre performances they are placed with.


Variant Graphics