Who are you? What are you all about?

About Me


My name is Yasmin and I am a student, currently studying Visual Communication and Graphic Design.


Although I’m originally from Northern Ireland, I’ve been working and living in Glasgow for 5 years now and I’ve been a graphic designer for roughly about, 4 of those years. The 3 loves of my life are books, design and travelling. I also cook and bake in my spare time as a hobby and to blow off some steam (gotta do it somehow!). I’m quite a friendly and approachable person so I am easy to work with and, I have an excellent sense of humour, except for puns, (sorry, not sorry).


I have experience working closely with clients and I use Concepts and Problem Solving to determine the end result of any project. I believe communication is the key to the perfect solution for both myself and my clients to ensure the end product is something they are completely satisfied with.

My Interests


Hand Lettering




My Skills

I am quite good at the following programmes and I regularly improve and train myself in these software’s. I am very strong and adept at Illustrator, Less confident in Photoshop, but I am still good enough to use it. Indesign was a whole other ball game. I am growing more confident with Muse, Premier Pro and After Effects.

I have experience in Identity & Branding, Packaging, Posters, Brochures & Booklets, Editorial Design and Brochures.


My strengths lie in Branding, Packaging, Typography and Editorial Design, but I also have an avid interest in Hand Lettering and Illustration, and working knowledge of these subjects as well as Photography.






My goal as a designer is to create work that I enjoy doing for myself and my clients and to give them the best experience and ideas as possible through communication and a clear visual process.

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