Branding Guidelines - Fishing Museum

I. A. S. G. Museum of Fishing

This project was a branding and identity project.


The object of the brief was to create an identity for a fishing museum that would open along the Clyde river next to the Science Museum and the SSC Hydro. The client wished for the Identity to fit in alongside the other museums, in fitting with the aesthetic look that was the Glasgow Skyline.


Beginning my research in the Riverside Museum and in Anstruther for Inspiration, I explored a range of concepts in keeping with the clients demands. My concept was 'Unravel the Mystery'. I wanted the people who visited the museum to be curious about everything that the museum had to offer and to want to explore Scotlands rich fishing heritage, listen to the stories people had to tell and marvel at the mysteries that fishing seemed to exude.

The Result

The final logo represents the fishing and nautical themes of the sea while combining several elements taken from the original concept to create the end product below. It's look and feel suits the museum's theme and the client was pleased with the end result.

Branding Guidelines Document

I feel that the branding guidelines show the concept and the values of the identity for what it was. It has nautical themes and a mysterious, intriguing quality which I feel is important as it relates back to the original concept and ties the identity neatly together.

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