Brochure Design - Type Event


This project was an editorial project for a type event.


The object of the brief was to create a brochure for the type event called Latitude. An Identity for the event was also required. In the brochure, 2 typographers who would be at the event doing talks were to be showcased with some of their most recent work. I used Alex Trochet & Rus Khasanov. They are very influential typographers who produce bright and brilliant work. The brochure also needed to feature some information about the actual event as well.


I began brainstorming by looking at maps and thinking about journey's and pathways and the shapes they created. I wanted this to be visual in the identity to show the journey that creatives go through from beginners to creatives. I enjoyed this project simply due to the prototypes and sketches I used in the beginning of this project.

End Result

The Identity represents the journey creatives go through to get to where we are in our lives. It also represents the balance we use when we create something. I was happy with how the design turned out.

Latitude - The Brochure

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