Brochure - Tron Theatre


This project was a brochure/leaflet editorial project.


The object of the brief was to create a brochure & poster for the upcoming theatre festival, Mayfesto. The theme around the festival was colonisation. The client wished to use the theme as the main inspiration behind the visuals of the brochure.


I began researching colonisation in history; cultures and traits that had merged together, the stories behind those events, the recordings in books, scrolls and artwork of the opposing side etc. It was all due to the invading forces of empires taking over indigenous tribe lands and exporting all of their local resources. This was what fuelled my inspiration and using the concept of 'violent merging' I began a series of experiments I felt best suited this event. I chose macro photography of Ink and oil to represent the brutality of colonisation due to the unique way it both separates and merges together.

End Product

Brochure Document

I was very pleased with the finish of the document. The was challenging but fun to do, a project with limitless creativity and inspiration. The visuals perfectly represent the clashing merge of two objects that should not go together yet somehow manage to anyway.

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