Zine Project

Type by Hand

This project was an editorial project that was completely open, with very little constraints.


The object of the brief was to create a zine that would be targeted at young artists & designers and the content, format and imagery were all open which gave me complete freedom to create any kind of zine. The only limitations were that there were to be less than 50 copies, it had to be hand made, the topic had to be about something within the creative industries and it was to be a minimum of 8 pages.


I began my research in Copenhagen, Denmark. I visited the city briefly for 4 days collecting as much information and inspiration as I could and I used this to help me decide on what I wanted the zine to be about. I chose Hand Generated Type as a topic as it is a personal interest of mine. I wanted to have a sketchbook/organised appearance about it, to make it look like a work in progress. I featured work from artists in other countries and work from a local Graffiti artist in Glasgow. I wanted to share the excitement and the wonder of creating type with your hands, instead of a computer.

End Result

The finished Zine was riso-printed which added to the handmade look and feel to the publication. I enjoyed the freedom of creativity while working on this project and the discovery of new artists and the techniques I could learn from them.

Type by Hand - Handmade Zine Booklet

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